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MX960...DHCP relay not working

I configured the MX to relay DHCP requests...however it's not working. Looks like the MX is dropping the requests... here's the config:

root@mx960# show forwarding-options [/b]

dhcp-relay {
    server-group {
        TS2 {
    active-server-group TS2;
    group TS2dhcp {
        interface xe-2/2/0.130;

root@mx960# run show dhcp relay statistics [/b]

Packets dropped:
    Total                      6523
    No interface match         2

Messages received:
    BOOTREQUEST                2
    DHCPDECLINE                0
    DHCPDISCOVER               0
    DHCPINFORM                 0
    DHCPRELEASE                0
    DHCPREQUEST                0

Messages sent:
    BOOTREPLY                  0
    DHCPOFFER                  0
    DHCPACK                    0
    DHCPNAK                    0

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Re: MX960...DHCP relay not working

Can you please paste the output of command: show dhcp relay binding


You can't enable both helpers(bootp) and dhcp-relay on same router. You must check helpers configuration using command:  

show configuration forwarding-options helpers


Which JUNOS release you are using?

Keep in mind that dhcp-relay is done via the routing-engine, so your RE firewall filter might be the reason. You need to allow dhcp/bootp packets there.


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Juniper Employee
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Re: MX960...DHCP relay not working

 You need to configure the "active-server-group" TS2 under the TS2dhcp group.