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Please include configurations and topologies when you're having technical issues

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Thank you for joining the J-Net forums.  This is a great place to ask technical questions related to Juniper devices.  There is a large community of customers, partners and Juniper employees that are willing to assist.


We would like to ask if you're having a technical problem that is complex in nature, that you provide enough information so that others are able to see what you're seeing and understand the context of the problem.


If possible, please include the following:


  1. The configuration.  Use the Junos command "show configuration | except SECRET-DATA | no-more"  You can include the configuration with the "Insert Code" button or simply attach it as a file to your post with the "Add attachment" button.
  2. Relevant show command output such as "show route prefix/mask extensive"  Please use the "Insert Code" button for these type of commands.
  3. Topology diagram.  If you're seeing problems that involve more than two devices, please include a topology diagram so that we may see how they're connected.  Please format this as an image such as JPG, PNG or GIF.  A PDF will work as well.  Please use the "Add attachment" button.


Thank you

Doug Hanks

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