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confused about some settings in routing-instances




I have been to a new company which uses Juniper SRX650 as the PE in their MPLS network for serveral days, and I found there is no vrf-import XXX-import and vrf-export XXX-export in each customer's routing instances,however,it has a vrf-target there,something like set routing-instances XXX route-distinguisher XXX:X; set routing-instances XXX vrf-target import target:XXX:X ; set routing-instances XXX vrf-target export target:XXX:X.


Do you guys know the reason and the differences of that?

Cheers!Smiley Embarassed

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Re: confused about some settings in routing-instances



Have a look at the 10.4 document on the subject for more details: Configuring Policies for the VRF Table on PE Routers in VPNs


Is short I would say you have three choices:

vrf-target <community> -> Import and Export of prefixes using the same community

vrf-target export/import <community> -> Import and Export of prefixes using different or multiple communities

vrf-import/vrf-export <policy> -> Very granular and controlled import and export of prefixes using policies.


The different options just give you different level of control to suit your individual need.