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redistribute static route into VRF


   can someone help me with a JUNOS cfg similar to this Cisco cfg


 I have a L3VPN setup:  PE1 ----- PE2


on PE1 I have the below cfg.  What is a similar cfg for JUNOS, how can I redistribute static routes under VRF to send

it across to the other PE. Thanks


 ip vrf red

rd 3:3

route-target export 3:4

route-target import 4:5


router bgp 1

neigh PE2 remote 1

addr vpnv4

neigh PE2 activate

addr ipv4 vrf red

redistribute static


ip route vrf red null0


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Re: redistribute static route into VRF



Configuring a Simple Full-Mesh VPN Topology chapter of JUNOS Software VPNs Configuration Guide should help you. To redistribute static routes you need to configure VPN export policy (vrf-export).


Follow carefully the example. Of course, one can use LDP instead of RSVP.