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Junosphere Topology Builder



I finally have a couple VMs running in the Junosphere cloud and have become familiar with make reservations and such.


In the "Junosphere Network Topology.pdf" document there's a single reference to "Junosphere Toplogy Builder" that's availabe as a Google Doc that will assist the building of a topology file for Junosphere. I can find no other details of this tool anywhere. Does anyone know how to gain access to or use the Topology Builder?

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Re: Junosphere Topology Builder


I haven't tried this myself, but per the release notes (http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junosphere/junosphere1.0/Junosphere-Release-Notes.pdf) it looks like the topology builder is included as an image on the CentOS image in Junosphere. (So you would need to launch a topology that includes the CentOS VM)


Let me know if this works/helps.


Also if you are looking to build topologies from scratch, the Cariden MATE image in Junosphere can do that as well.




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