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Best practice for managing multiple firewalls?

Hi all!
I am wondering if there exists some kind of whitepaper or best practice description for managing let's say 30 firewalls spread all around the globe. We have a regional office in each of the three regions EMEA, Americas and APAC. Currently we have three stand-alone installations of NSM with each region managing "there" devices. This is kind of "not good" because it is more likely that objects and rules etc. will be different over time .
Any suggestions?
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Re: Best practice for managing multiple firewalls?


With the new appliance (central manager) you could control all the other NSM appliances.

the nice thing is that you can create pre and post rules for each firewall, this means you can force begin and end rules on every firewall (not even the local nsm admin can disable or delete these.

So look up the new features of the Central manager appliance and see if this could fix your problem.

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Re: Best practice for managing multiple firewalls?

Another possibility for this would be to use one NSM installation and configure domains for management of each of the regions devices. Super users can specify the rights of the domain users and can create objects policies and the like in the subdomains for the regional admins to use.

Probably slightly easier than CM and might save you the cost.