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Interoperability with Cisco ACS 5.3

Hi All,
I have been working on both Juniper and Cisco platforms for years. I've always had issues with AAA authentication or TACACS+ authentication/authorization with a Juniper and Cisco ACS.  In the older vesrions of ACS, we had to enable a service = junos-exec and local-user-name=<juniper login user> on the GROUP definition of the ACS.

With ACS 5.3 they've moved to a policy base solution.  Does anyone have experience with this?  We are not looking at RADIUS at all so it isn't an option. 


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Re: Interoperability with Cisco ACS 5.3

I have exactly the same problem : How to define juniper and ScreenOS devices into ACS 5.3 using Radius


Is some one an example to provide me ?