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Junos Space 16.1R1 reviews

Hi all,

   Is there anyone using the latest 16.1R1 release of Junos Space/Security Director? It looks quite different than prior releases. I also watched a demonstration in RSA conference but considering the problems I had before, I am a bit skeptical to use it actively. If anyone has any feedback on this release, much appreciated.



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Re: Junos Space 16.1R1 reviews

Yeah, I have a mostly hate/hate relationship with Space/SD. I upgraded from 15.2R2 pretty quickly to 16.1R1 due to the terribleness of 15. It's a ... little better. I'm still coming across bugs (like, seriously, how does this bug exist? type bugs) that likely won't be fixed soon. The promises of full feature parity with v14 were also broken.


Space/SD in general is still a pretty terrible solution from Juniper, IMO. I'd pass for now if I had the opportunity.