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NSM serial number

Hi all,


i have NSM installed on RH4 and i need to know the serial number of the NSM,

i dont have the install CD, any way to pull it off from the server?

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Re: NSM serial number






How to obtain Install ID of NSM before starting the upgrade process

To Generate Licenses for NSM version 2007.3 and above you need to have an Install ID.

This Install ID can be obtained by following these steps

  1. Download the Install ID retrieval tool 

  2. Copy the zip file to NSM Server using WinSCP or FTP (NSM Server will be FTP client)

  3. Login to NSM Server using SSH

  4. Unzip the file:

  5. Untar the file
       #tar -xvf nsm-install-ID.tar

  6. Change directory:
       #cd nsm-install-ID

  7. If the OS for NSM Server is
    • Solaris then run: #./nsmInstallID-solaris
    • Linux then run: #./nsmInstallID-linux

This will give you the Install-ID of your NSM Server.


You will also need the Serial number to generate the licenses

  • Serial number for NSMXpress can be obtained by running #dmidecode
  • Serial number for Non-NSMXpress server will be the number printed on Certificate when you purchased the NSM License.


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Re: NSM serial number

Pls send me the email address used to register your account & I can try to get this and send that to you.


You can send me an offline message, if you don't want to put your email address in this forum.



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Re: NSM serial number

NSM-->ssh to it and type:

cat /var/netscreen/GuiSvr/license/license.txt