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NSM2009 unset custome services when import SSGs and ISGs.


Thanks in Advance.


first i want to describe sceario.

we have 4 sites

At HQs site we have 2 ISG-2000 with IDP blade with NSRP at Lan side and 1 SSG-550M on Wan site with IPSEC tunnel.

same as above at Site A and Site B and Site C we have ISG1000 at Lan side and NS50 with IPSEC on wan side.


we have Install NSM2009 at HQ, when i import SSG and ISG in NSM, NSM doing abnormal behavior like device atomatically unset custome services and disable some polices, i don't not why nsm doing this behaviour..


If NSM2009 have in any Bugs kindly reply me.

Its Urgent because we need to complete my Tasks....



Syed Baqar Raza.

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Re: NSM2009 unset custome services when import SSGs and ISGs.

Would it be possible to attach the output of "Summarize Delta Config". Reviewing that, we can say why this is happening.