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Running software update to SRX from NSM

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NSM version is the A20 patched version of 10.0.R1.


Has anyone been able to succesfully update code on an SRX via NSM?


For me it NSM always hangs on "waiting for device response of file-put" and then errors:


Error Code:

Error Text:
   Error information from the device :
 Incomplete response from the device . Task is not completed.

Error Details:
   Image file - junos-srxsme-10.0R3.10-domestic.tgz


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Re: Running software update to SRX from NSM

The timeout that NSM waits before device installs the image is sometimes too low depending on the link and resources on device.


You can try changing this time out in file /var/netscreen/DevSvr/be/cfg/SWRPCInfo.prop



Change the retries to 10


Restart NSM Device server  and push the image to SRX again






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Re: Running software update to SRX from NSM

WOW, the default only waits 6min? It takes SRX devices longer than  that just to boot some times. I am going to have to try this out, as I have been unable to update an SRX via NSM as well.