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What's the purpose of schema

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As I know, we can use a NSM without updating schema.

What's the purpose of schema on NSM?

What's the advantage of schema?


What's the different between using schema and not?



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Re: What's the purpose of schema

The schema updates are there to support new devices since the last install or new features in the OS since the last install.


These allow you to import the device or configure the new features.


You will need the new schema only when you add the new OS or device to your NSM.

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Re: What's the purpose of schema

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I expect new schemas will correct some errors of NSM ... or errors of older schemas. This means schema changes translation of "NSM understanding and logic" into "any managed box understanding and logic"

Btw you need to have NSM UI installed as user to download and install schema from NSM server (if you install NSM UI as a root or admin and have no access to write, then you do not login into NSM UI)

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Re: What's the purpose of schema

               In nsm all the configuration data of a specific device is defined in a data model (DM) , and the abstract data model or ADM consists configuration data for all the objects in a specific domain.                The structure of DM & ADM is defined in DM schema's , device families are described and defined in DM schema's , so in order to support a new device family which NSM does not understand or recognize with the existing schema , you may need to add a new schema to NSM . The schema's are maintained by Juniper Networks on a online schema repository and can be added to NSM dynamically.

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