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My name is Maciej (“Magic”) Kozlowski and I work as Tier 3 WLAN Engineer in ATOS. I cover wireless LAN support for one of our biggest clients: SIEMENS for the whole EMEA region. Previously – for over 5 years – I have worked for: Nokia Siemens Networks/NOKIA on several positions in their network IT department – where I first touched Juniper equipment and I immediately fell in love with it :-).


As soon as I noticed Juniper released their new Design Certification track as well as the Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) exam I decided to take it just to check and confirm my knowledge about designing networks according to Juniper. Before starting any preparations I took the Practice Test Exam to measure level of my initial knowledge. I got 75% (passing score). Well done Maciek!

Since I was not able to participate any official course available only in Netherlands (for EMEA region) for now nor I can’t afford to buy official course materials from Juniper (Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals, Revision 15.a) I decided to:

  • carefully review exam objectives:,
  • quickly review these Juniper Networks Academy courses: Campus & Data Center Design Specialist Courses (available only for Juniper’s Partners),
  • quickly review selected solution designs and architecture documents for: Campus, WAN and Data Center parts of the network.

After quick all the material review I approached this exam in my local Prometric Examination Center (I consider myself quite lucky since I don’t have to travel much to take any certification exam) … and I passed. Without violating NDA I can say:

  • I got 80% corrected answers – which is a better score then for Practice Test,
  • exam difficulty is on the same level or a little bit harder than available Practice Test,
  • I feel like my work experience and general exposure to Juniper technologies helped me more to successfully pass this exam than doing this two week refresh and exam preparation.

According to my knowledge I am the first ATOS employee who achieved this certification so far.


For next steps I am just waiting for JNCIS- and JNCIP- courses and exams for: Data Center and Security from Design Certification Track. I am also using this certificate as a leverage to be involved more in design projects related to: Campus LAN and Data Center and also to find more opportunities to work as Pre-Sales Engineer and help to offer more solutions to our customers where Juniper hardware will be involved.

When I saw the new Design Certification track being offered by Juniper Networks I jumped on it immediately....


Juniper Academic Bootcamp - Hogeschool UtrechtSummer holidays for 120 students from Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands and visiting students from Lillebaelt Academy of Higher Education in Denmark took off with a Juniper Academic Bootcamp!


Operate Plan Build Network Design CertificationTaking a cue from a colleague of mine, “smart” is very much a relative thing. At times throughout my career I have thought, “I am one sharp dude!” Then I am quickly put back into my place by someone or something that proves just how not sharp I really am.


Wow! That’s the first word that springs to mind. When the team here decided to put together a blogging challenge we really weren’t sure how many entries to expect. Nor did we really have a sense of what type of entries we would get. ‘Wow’ pretty much sums up the response!


My story to get certified in Juniper, this was a mixed combination of failure and success.

In 2010 I got the opportunity to work as a Juniper partner, where certification is essential to introduce yourself. However I had done Cisco certification before I started my professional carrier so I had no focus to work and certify in Juniper. At that time I had taken three certification exams (JNCIA-Junos, JNCIA-ER, and JNCIA-EX) within a month and I had failed to pass one. After few days my supervisor sent me in an ISP NOC, as a L1 engineer. There I saw for the first time Juniper boxes MX 960, MX480, and M120. It encouraged my interest to work and learn Juniper. I suggest myself to start giving certification with JNCIA-ER and JNCIA-EX. Within 4month by continuous readying for 4hours every days in JUNOS Enterprise Routing and JUNOS Enterprise Switching I had successfully pass JNCIA-ER and JNCIA-EX with high percentage. Now my supervisor had given challenging opportunity to work with Juniper SRX series juniper MX series, M Series and EX series devices for the enterprise and ISP customer we had .I take that challenge as my destiny and satisfy my customer by resolving their issues for three year.


I learned computer networking flow / concepts through Juniper CLI. Well I appeared to become specialist and BANG it was not piece of cake. . I am currently studying JNCIP-SEC and I plan to appear for JNCIP-SP and JNCIE. I have taken Juniper STRM & Junos Space classes. From a guy sitting in the market I tell you honestly it’s a GO. 

Every second company is going on network based apps and corporate VPNs all across the world. I feel safe perusing my career in Juniper and I know It will pay back and it is.


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When I first met Juniper I was confused like Alice in Wonderland. I was pure "Cisco" person and never met any other vendor. It was 3 years ago. I worked that time with MX routers and I didn't like them. It was painful to collect information.


After some time I changed my employer and moved to another ISP. In my team we worked with Cisco and other router, but Juniper devices weren't there. I wasn't satisfied we did not have any Juniper boxes there. I missed copy, insert commit confirm and other cool features of Junos.



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It all started with Cisco. It was my engineering days when I first learnt about how things worked in network domain. The technologies fascinated me and I started developing interest in it. It was then suggested by one of my professors to take CCNA course. I researched about the course and joined a renowned training institute during my college days.

As days passed my engineering days came to an end and so did my CCNA course.


AOA (Hi)

My story of getting Juniper certification will be helpful for a common person. For those who cannot afford the costly trainings or courseware, here is a story worth reading.


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I strongly believe that without motivation, people wouldn't go even in WC.


A boost of motivation I got on May 2014 when had a conversation with my boss. At the time I already worked 2 years on position as network engineer and had completed an important project. I expected to grow in my career to Senior Network Engineer, but my boss told me that wouldn't be enough.



I started my career in networking while I was doing my BSC at University. I had some classes about networking and security concepts and I was stunned by it.



Buen día a todos,  esta historia no se trata de un cuento de hadas, o de ciencia ficción, y quiero aclarar, que mi intención no es la de aburrirlos con una historia que hable solo de mi, mi intención es la de motivar a todas aquellas personas que tienen dudas acerca de si es importante o no convertirse en un Certificado en el programa de Juniper Networks.


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Hmmm … what about me? First of all I am just simple guy from Poland so at the beginning sorry for my English.


My first experience with Juniper devices started in Year 2000. My ex-company, was using M20 to implement an Internet Exchange router which ran BGP with other Global carriers. I did not have much experience with Juniper as most of our gear was Cisco. I went through a Juniper Bootcamp but I did not pick up much skill as my knowledge with Juniper was still in the beginning status.


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