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Dual Perspectives: A Look at LIME’s Innovative New TV Service

by aravichandran on ‎10-01-2012 09:00 PM

With Aruna Ravichandran from Juniper and Dianne Bissoon from LIME


As you are likely aware if you are reading this blog, today Juniper introduced a whole bunch of new software products and related hardware. I won’t recap that here since it’s covered well in the press release but I did want to highlight one of our customers whose support has been absolutely critical for our launch. That’s why I invited Dianne Bissoon from LIME to co-author this blog with me.


You know when I first heard about LIME, I knew it was really an interesting story—and a great way to highlight the value of our Junos Content Encore products. But in preparation for the launch, as I was telling the LIME story to various internal stakeholders, and press and analysts, it often took a bit of emphasis to really drive home the significance of what LIME was doing. I found myself asking:


“Did you get that? LIME introduced an entirely new TV service—a new source of revenue—and did so over their existing broadband infrastructure.”


That’s when it would click.


Because LIME really is an innovator here, but they are at the cusp of what we think will be a whole new generation of TV services. Technologies like adaptive streaming and Juniper’s Junos Content Encore portfolio make it possible not only to deliver TV entertainment services in new ways—over DSL, over wireless, and more—but they enable consumers to enjoy them how, when and where they want—on your phone, on a tablet, in the office, or even in the car (only if you are a passenger!).


It’s an exciting time and it’s innovators like LIME who are leading the way.


-- Aruna Ravichandran, Vice President of Product Marketing, Software Systems Division


If you are reading this blog from somewhere outside the 14 countries we serve in the Caribbean, you might not be familiar with LIME, so please allow me a few lines to introduce ourselves. LIME stands for Landline, Mobile, Internet and Entertainment and the LIME TV service Aruna introduced above is great example of the “E”.


LIME has made a commitment to bring the best technologies to the region, and to build products and services that make Caribbean people's lives better. We think with LIME TV we have delivered on both of these promises.


The technologies that underpin the service--such as Juniper’s Junos Content Encore—really are the best available and they are what has enabled us to bring this service to market. And we think by delivering a new entertainment service to customers at a reasonable price we are doing our part to help make Caribbean peoples’ lives better.


While we have a commitment to our customers, we also have a commitment to our parent company – the CWC Group – and its investors to operate a profitable business. The LIME TV service also delivers in that regard: each customer of the new service drives an additional $89BSD-$129BSD (or  $44.50-64.50 USD) in ARPU per month—from a net new service offering. And thanks to Junos Content Encore and the other technologies, we were able to deploy this new service very quickly and cost-effectively, and by leveraging our existing broadband infrastructure.


A new service that both our customers and investors love? I would say that’s a win-win, and Juniper has helped make it possible.


-- Dianne Bissoon, VP, Television and Entertainment at LIME.