Occupy SDN and Programmability
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MPLS and SDN World Congress, Paris, 2013

by Juniper Employee ‎03-12-2013 12:24 PM - edited ‎03-13-2013 10:47 AM

SDN Summit


Next week I will be speaking at the MPLS and SDN World Congress, Paris, 2013. My topic will be under the area of data center and function virtualization. 





intro-sdn-bookcover.jpgDay One enhanced provides the reader with an introduction to Software Defined Networks (SDN).  Dan Backman and I took on the challenge of describing a paradigm shift in the network, computing and storage industry in the hopes of making some sense out of this for the reader.  



Isocore MPLS and SDN Conference

by Juniper Employee on ‎10-15-2012 10:17 AM

Isocore MPLS and SDN conferences coming up shortly.


I will be attending the Isocore MPLS and SDN conferences. I will be sitting on a panel discussing SDN issues as well as presenting on SDN.




Interface to the Routing System (IRS)

by Juniper Employee ‎09-07-2012 07:13 AM - edited ‎09-07-2012 08:58 AM

network_1.jpgRecently Juniper has helped kick off and drive a critical new effort around network programmability called The Interface to the Routing System (IRS).  A number of folks inside Juniper including Alia Atlas, Bruno Rijsman, Hannes Gredler and myself have contributed to a number of IETF drafts including the primary requirements and framework drafts.  In the near future at least a dozen drafts around this topic should appear online.



OIF Control Plane Workshop

by Juniper Employee ‎07-09-2012 10:10 AM - edited ‎07-09-2012 02:51 PM

I am speaking at the OIF's Control Plane workshop today in Edmonton, Canada. The topic will be on SDN Architectures.


The presentation will be a discussion around what is needed to for successful SDN architectures and more importantly, implementations. My presentation as well as others during the session will focus on the optical angle around SDN as well. In particular, how tools like OpenFlow can be used to control optical switches/devices, as well as how SDN Controllers can conduct such network orchestration, operation and maintenance.

I hope to see you there!

SDN Workshop at Carrier Cloud Summit 2012, Paris, France June 19-21, 2012

by Juniper Employee ‎06-14-2012 01:15 PM - edited ‎06-14-2012 01:52 PM

I will be chairing as well as presenting at the SDN Workshop at the Carrier Cloud Summit 2012 next week.  The SDN Workshop is shaping up to be a very good discussion around SDN from industry leaders during the day, followed by a debate/discussion with panalists from major SDN vendors and users.


I will be delivering one of the keynote addresses at the SDN 2012 Workshop. 


My presentation is called, "Software Driven or Defined Networks" and will be covering the differences between these two approaches and why they are both important, but why the approaches are quite different in purpose and approach. This wider view is important to Juniper and embodies our approach to "SDN".