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Helena Kuly

Gaining Your SP Selling Edge: Winning with Juniper Service Provider Infrastructure Solutions

by Juniper Employee on ‎01-18-2012 06:30 PM

Today we heard from Juniper Service Provider leaders that there is an unprecedented opportunity for partners to win in the edge of the network with Juniper.  Service Providers today are under increasing network demands while trying to contain costs.  Legacy networks are unable to keep pace with ever growing bandwidth consumption and scale for tomorrow’s requirements.  Juniper executives highlighted how critical it is for Service Providers to innovate closest to their customers, and deliver new revenue generating services to drive their business.


The session focused on the offers, such as Residential Edge (where Juniper is making a huge investment), Business Edge, Metro Ethernet and Mobile Edge and the benefits these offers bring to our customers.


Partners iPnett and enfoPoint joined the discussion and to echo Juniper’s message and encourage partners to position their services and unique value proposition alongside Juniper’s differentiating solutions to capture more customer wallet share in 2012.

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