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With Partnering for Business Growth, Juniper is enhancing the partner experience by evolving our award winning partner programs. Get the latest Juniper partner information right here.

OpenLab training and workshop tutorials gave my students—some of whom are now Gencore employees—exposure to state-of-the-art routing technologies, plus SDN and various programmable software assets in the Juniper portfolio, including Contrail. This knowledge and access enabled us to understand how to integrate research code into a production setting.


The concept of online marketplaces for services has exploded in the last few years, generating significant venture capital investment in this space. By building a private, curated professional services marketplace together with our platform partner TaskIT, Juniper is an early adopter of this approach among networking infrastructure OEMs.


Partnering for Business Growth

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 With Partnering for Business Growth, Juniper Networks is enhancing the partner experience by evolving our award winning partner programs for ease of use, focusing our investments on high growth markets for revenue acceleration, and rewarding partners with improved profitability for growing their business with Juniper. 



This is a guest blog post. Views expressed in this post are original thoughts posted by Nicholas Krul, Vendor Account Manager, XON. These views are his own and in no way do they represent the views of the company he works for.


And how to prevent a crash-landing


It’s funny to those of us who live in Africa, but our continent is still considered, and is in some cases, primitive. “Deepest, darkest Africa” is now being lit by 100Gb/s fibre connections and has an astounding pace of development.

There are many challenges and barriers to development in Africa. In 2012, countries such as South Africa, Namibia and Botswana had extremely high costs associated with mobile broadband, at over US$100 per GB in some instances. [1]


Other significant challenges include wide geographical dispersion, some areas inaccessible due to mountains, deserts, jungles and lack of terrestrial infrastructure.


As co-founder and chief technology officer of Independent Technology Group, a Juniper partner in southern California, there are several reasons why I signed up for the Juniper Champion Program—and encourage all my systems engineers (SEs) to put the effort into achieving the highest level to become Ingenious Champions.


If you are a Juniper partner, I hope you saw the recent announcement of Partner Premium Enablement – PPE for short. This new program gives Partner Support Specialists extra value that you can sell to your customers to help them grow, evolve and strengthen their networks. And you will certainly want to make sure your customers watch this video describing how important partners are throughout the entire networking lifecycle.


How can a Web 2.0 company scale operations to serve hundreds of thousands of users while maintaining security and control? InterVision and Juniper Networks partnered to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure that helped an online music service startup become an internationally recognized brand.       


Keeping Current: Benefits of a Career as a Network Engineer

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A love for the constant evolution and opportunity in the computing industry routed Juniper Partner Donna Ostrom, Network Consultant at Atrion, to a career as a network engineer. I had the opportunity to sit down with Donna to find out her account as a Juniper Partner.


Juniper Adds Lastline Advanced Threat Intelligence to SRX Firewalls

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Lastline knowledge base of advanced and evasive threats immediately accessible and actionable through Juniper Spotlight Secure platform. By guest blogger: Brian Laing, vice president, product and business development, Lastline 



One of our top goals with the Juniper Partner Advantage Services program is to provide partners with enablement resources that help them grow their services practices. This week we launched Premium Partner Enablement (PPE), a suite of powerful new enablement services for Elite partners who currently hold the Support Services Specialist authorization. The new PPE services equip Support Services Specialist partners with new delivery expertise, capabilities, training, support, and tools to deliver high-value services to their end customers.


Partnering to Bring Clarity to Customers' Journey to the Cloud

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Sometimes you find yourself on the proverbial cloud nine – when everything is going as it should. Or in our case, I guess you could call it the cloud 5,000.




I am thrilled to announce that our new Professional Services Marketplace is open for business! Designed to help partners grow their brand of professional services (PS), the marketplace connects Juniper’s global end customers and channel partners with qualified professional services providers participating in our Partner Professional Services (PPS) specialization.


All across Europe, the Middle East and Africa we are dependent on our Partners to deliver our brand and marketing messages to customers.  With in-depth knowledge of their customers our Partners’ marketing teams are experts in understanding the needs of their local markets.  Every day they work tirelessly to deliver hard hitting campaigns that deliver business growth and it is time they got the recognition they deserve.


Watch the video below to learn how a strong partnership helps all players address the common business needs felt across the network.


During the past nine months in my role, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in informative dialogues with Juniper partners from around the globe—one of the favorite parts of my job. Those conversations have helped the channel team determine what’s working, 


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