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Junos pulse with Juniper IC

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  I trying to use junos pulse as a client instead of OAC which is currently using in our environment and i configured as per the admin doc mentioned. But no use, there is no logs generating in IC when i am using junos pulse instead OAC does works very well without any config changes.


Pls share your thoughts.




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Re: Jnos pulse with Juniper IC

Hi Yuvraj,


What  IC and pulse version that you are using ?


Are you trying pulse layer 2 or layer 3 connection.


If you are using layer 2 authentication, did you checked the Juniper setting in windows native supplicant


What are the outer and inner auth protocol that you are using, what i s the rror message you are getting on pulse?


you can get pulse logs using the below KB







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Re: Jnos pulse with Juniper IC

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  after installing junos pulse, how can i create profile in junos pulse as we will do it on OAC? Thats my question,



 pulse versions = 2.0

 L2 authentications

 Auth Protocol = TTLS & EAP-JUAC

I am not getting any error msg and also i m not seeing any default profile created in PUlse.




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Re: Junos pulse with Juniper IC

In case of L2 authentications using PULSE clients, 802.1X connections with UAC is supported using the components of the native windows supplicant's.

The configuration as required is done in the UAC Admin UI itself using the configure section for Pulse Client for a Role.You need to configure the 8021.X options under the Pulse Connections set.

You can get detailed information about the configuration from IC admin guide section Understanding Deployments with Junos Pulse Clients


Ashish Paul