Pulse Secure (formerly Identity and Policy Control)
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Reporting in the UAC ??


Is there any reporting in the UAC?

How do I see the failed authentication at any given time?

How do I see how many users have failed authentication because of the host check?

How do I have weekly / monthly matrices?


Is there any reporting at all?

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Re: Reporting in the UAC ??

Infranet Controller doesn't have in-built reporting capabilities.


if you are using Juniper Networks NSM to manage IC, it has some reporting capabilites for UAC. using NSM you can create your own reports too.


you can also configure IC to send logs to a syslog server and you can have your own reporting tool query the syslog server and generate reports.

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Re: Reporting in the UAC ??

Running NSM ver 2008.1r2 is there a way to schedule reports?