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6.4R2 Network Connect strange behaviour

Hello all,


I'm having a hard time into making Network Connect  to connect to my IVE6.4R2:


The configuration is pretty simple : wide open ACL, simple NC profile, no split tunneling (but local network), ...

I keep getting an nc.windows.app.23791 error everytime I try to access it, and it's been doing so with every workstation I used for my tests.


When trying to debug on the client side with wireshark, I can't see any ESP packets (UDP 4500) leaving the station. The NC Client fails almost immediatly (not even trying to timeout at some point).


If someone has an idea that might help me, I'd be extremely grateful.






Posts: 5
Registered: ‎09-03-2009
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Re: 6.4R2 Network Connect strange behaviour

OK folks, no need to bother anymore I finally found the solution : a good old reboot.

The cluster (something I forgot to mention initially...) was having some problems that are now solved.


I should have known better : it's not the first time that clusters act strangely...


Have a nice day !