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Best way to provide connectivity through SA4500

I'm a noob on the SA so forgive me if this seems simple...I need to provide access to 15 consultants world wide to about 20 internal development servers (Linux OS) for about 3 months.  Using a local user database, the users need full access to these servers that have been segmented off of our regular internal network.  What is the best way to accomplish this?

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Re: Best way to provide connectivity through SA4500

do you have those internal development servers in a DMZ? cause if you allow RDP/SSH to only those internal machines, without any firewall in between, this may cause a security issue. they could use it as jumgate to access other resources at your network.


but to answer your question: you can do this by adding a network connect role and allow those servers for this usergroup in the ACL. you could also do it by using terminal services for ssh.