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Confused about Citrix Web application resource

We are rolling out our SA. 


We want everything in the NC tunnel...


When I setup a Citrix web application resource without NFUSE,  I have a choice of using CTS, WSAM or JSAM..


We have XenAPP 5.5/6.5..


If I create a simple Web profile, I lose the ability for SSO and disabling local resources (printing, maping  of drives over Citrix).


Is there something I'm not understanding?



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Re: Confused about Citrix Web application resource

Three scenario

1. For NC method of access nothing needs to configured on SA. We have to configure only NC and ACL for the citrix resource


2. The other method is configuring it as a Citrix web resource profile under this you have a option to choose either JSAM, CTS, WSAM or the Native JAva applets


3. Citrix resource can also be configured under Terminal resource profile.


Since you are plan of approach is through NC there is no additonal configuration required other that network connect configuration.


If you are planning to configure SSO and other options printing, maping  of drives  etc,

configure citrix web resource profile and ICA connects through WSAM. From the user end launch NC NC instead of wsam with this method ICA traffic will reach the backend server through NC.


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