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Customize Sign-In Page Index.cgi

HI everybody


I am really newbie with that.... I am experiment customizing the template for SSL VPN (SA2500)....


I took the sample.zip included in the appliance and I was playing follow the instructions in the tutorial




The thing is I can modify login Page and logout page and WORKS FINE!!!!.... but  after connect the login page redirect to SIgn-In Page (Type Startand page) that include a INDEX.CGI and I can't see any of my modifications. I don't know what is the file where  I can customize it... I modified all files included in the sample.zip and no changed after upload...like i said only the login and logout page.


I found It is possible to do something from the panel  in Authentication -> Signing In -> Sign-in Pages and click on Sign-In Page .... But It's  so limited.....


Could you please some explain to me what is the name file or what I can do to modify this MAIN PAGE after login?

Have I to login in the console and modify directly the source file (index.cgi)?


Thank you in advance for read me Smiley Happy

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Re: Customize Sign-In Page Index.cgi

I believe that the Sign-in page customization is limited to the login pages. The page you land on AFTER the login (where you see all your bookmarks etc) cannot be customised using the custom sign-in pages. 


AFAIK, the bookmarks page cannot be customised.

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Re: Customize Sign-In Page Index.cgi


If the choices in the UI options aren't sufficient, you can always use a custom start page.  You can look at the source of the standard bookmarks page to get information about what URL launches certain functions (e.g., Network Connect).  There have been some earlier posts on this forum concerning this option.



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Re: Customize Sign-In Page Index.cgi

+1 to both vvijish and kenlars.

It is not possible to configure the index.cgi page; all customization is for the login pages ONLY. 

To change the image, you need to do it on the role-based UI options OR use a custom start page to another page internally that you host.