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DTE upgrade 7.1R5 to 7.2R1.1

I've always used the DTE virtual image to test upgrades in a lab environment before arranging downtime on my production box. This has always worked fine in the past, but when I try uploading the 7.2R1 or 7.2R1.1 package as a staged upgrade to my 7.1R5 DTE environment I get an error saying the package I'm uploading is not valid.


anyone else managed to do this? (I could just import my configuration into the 7.2R1 DTE imae juniper supply, but I'm worried about losing settings during the upgrade)

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Re: DTE upgrade 7.1R5 to 7.2R1.1



I'm keen to know whether this is possible as well. The DTE is invaluable for testing new releases before rolling into our production systems.

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Re: DTE upgrade 7.1R5 to 7.2R1.1

I upgraded from 7.1R7 to 7.2R1.1.  I'd say your download is corrupt.  One of the things I love about the DTE is that I can get 100% gaurantee that a firmware will function in production because I've already ran that firware in dev for a month or so.