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Difference between SVW and SVW.active

We started to configure Secure Virtual Workspace. Now we have SVW an SVW.active in our configuration. What's the difference?

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Re: Difference between SVW and SVW.active


The SVW policy is used to download and start Secure Virtual Workspace; SVW.active policy is used to make sure that Secure Virtual Workspace is always running and active i.e. the user cannot switch out of the Secure Virtual Workspace.




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Re: Difference between SVW and SVW.active

When you create an SVW poilcy you see 2 policies, one of the policies is responsible for launching SVW and the other (svw.active) policy is responsible for ensuring that the user logs in from within the SVW session. If you don't enforce the svw.active policy the svw will still launch, however nothing will stop end user from exiting svw and logging back in from the physical PC.


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Re: Difference between SVW and SVW.active

we do the following with SVW:


we've got a Host Checker Polixcy if any AV Scanner is running. If this checks fails, the custom remediation action "Secure Workspace" ist started.

But this is not working correctly. When I connect to SA the SVW starts if there is no AV scanner. When I log off and on again, SVW is not starting.

Do I have to configure SVW.active in any other setting?