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IPV6 split tunneling

well we are a IP V4 shop and we are just introducing windows 7 clients and it looks like if you have ip v4 and ip v6 enabled on teh machine your IP v4 connection does not allow split tunnel but your v6 ip can talk to other hosts using v6. any one else run into this or have a solution other than disabling ip v6 on every client?

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Re: IPV6 split tunneling

Yes, we have seen this security flaw. It is a problem with the tcp/ip stack, so the issue is seen with other vendors besides Juniper. This issue is planned to be fixed in the new version 7 client, but don't quote me on that. Juniper is working with Microsoft on this.

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Re: IPV6 split tunneling

Juniper's SIRT Team and the Product Team are working on a fix. Please contact the SIRT Team if you have further questions:  sirt@juniper.net.

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Re: IPV6 split tunneling

Wat is the status on this one?

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Re: IPV6 split tunneling

we are looking at M$ DA and M$ feels that is a feature with WIn 7 not a flaw