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Is Juniper getting lazy about ESAP updates?

For about a week now, AVG 8.5 is not recognized by the host checker. Now Avira 9 appeared and is not working with our SA2500 (6.3R3, ESAP 1.4.7) either. 


We are very disappointed about that and wonder when Juniper will publish an updated ESAP.




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Re: Is Juniper getting lazy about ESAP updates?

I was rather surprised to see that the latest ESAP appears to break support for more products than it fixed.  Especially when Host Checker and the whole endpoint security piece is supposed to be one of the main focuses of the SSL VPN going forward I have been concerned about the issues with ESAP stability/support and the Virus Definition downloads that broke a few months ago.  I had plans to make heavier use out of Host Checker in the future but the way it's acting right now I'm not so sure that's a wise thing to do.
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Re: Is Juniper getting lazy about ESAP updates?

looking at this thing from Juniper's POV there are alot of stuff being thrown out there every vendor has 100's of version of their software and than re taging of those clients by diffrent ISPs and so on so to test and make sure that the new stuff is added the old one does not brake is a very daunting task. Now i agree Juniper should be doing this task i am for one willing to wait a little while longer for a more stable release than a right now solution with bugs (leave this approach for microsoft)


also i know this might not be an option for you guys but come up with a standard and have users stick with it is the best approach in this situation. I manage a 30k + users remote access and the only way to manage them is by letting them know what will i support so if they update to the latest and greatest version tough luck but than again that is just me.

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Re: Is Juniper getting lazy about ESAP updates?

I have never had the problems like recently. Back in 6.0 and 6.1 things seemed to fine and now since 6.2 came out host-checker seems to have done to hell. At least for the AV side which is what I am most concerned about. I also have an open case with Juniper regarding AVG Free 8.5 not being found. I would have to say they are getting lazy. If you are not going to keep your product up to date then don't get in the game. The is cost of offering the feature.
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Re: Is Juniper getting lazy about ESAP updates?

I'm seeing the same problems with 6.1.  I tried loading the 1.4.7 ESAP and had a bunch of calls from users who were working prior and now couldn't get past the hostchecker.  Most of the problems were for various version of Norton. (2008, 2009, 360) I had to back it out and I guess I'll wait till 1.4.8.  I think this piece of the product is 3rd partied out to www.opswat.com , so we are at their mercy...
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Re: Is Juniper getting lazy about ESAP updates?

Also, some actual Anti-Virus products are not supported. Another example would be F-Secure Anti-Virus 2009.


It's not called security, when one has to tell the partner "use an anti-virus-suite that is at least one to two years old"...