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Managed vs. Personal iPads

We are trying to find out a way to determine whether an iPad logging into our SSL VPN service is a managed (and company-owned) device or a personal device.  Not surprisingly, we want to give them different access rights.  In the absence of a Host Checker function, does anyone have any ideas on how we might do this?



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Re: Managed vs. Personal iPads

You could try planting a certificate on the iPad via a profile (using whatever corporate management tool you have), then check for that cert at the realm/role level depending on how you want to slice & dice things.  


I've got as far as testing that it works, but didn't get further as that was my annual 20 minutes of blue-sky thinking time used up.






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Re: Managed vs. Personal iPads

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Dear kenlars,


with HostChecker you won't be able to manage orverify iPhones or iPads.


But there is another Product on sale by Juniper: Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite

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Re: Managed vs. Personal iPads

Howdy NULL - yes Juniper does sell Mobile Security Suite however at this point in time MSS does nothing for the iPad, pod, phone. I know that will change at some point in time as Apple opens up their OS but not at the present.

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