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New User
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Registered: ‎03-24-2010

Network Conncect problems on Mac (frequent disconnects)

Gateway SA 4000 : 6.5.R3.1

Network Connect : 6.5.0 


I get disconnected on many 'travel'- locations (hotels, airports,..) every few minutes, witth the message :


Your computer's network interface has changed.
Changes were made to your computer's settings outside of Network Connect. Due to the security policies configured on the secure gateway, your connection has been terminated.


On my home DSL , this does not happen.


Why ?



Juniper Employee
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Re: Network Conncect problems on Mac (frequent disconnects)

I haven't heard this issue before. Please collect attached data and open a JTAC ticket.



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Re: Network Conncect problems on Mac (frequent disconnects)

Do you have roaming enabled on the Session Options that apply to that user role?  (or the default session options if no roles have different options).  Roaming allows the connection to continue even if the source IP address of the connection changes, as it frequently may at "travel" sites, airports, hotels, etc.  DSL/Cable modems, have much longer lived DHCP/PPPoE address lifetimes.


winthin the SA, click on search, then search for "roaming".  It's under Specifying Session Options.  Hope it works!