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Problems launching/running VPN components in IE8

We’re starting to get a number of tickets from people having problems launching/installing some of the VPN components. I haven’t been able to track it down to a particular setting or duplicate the issues but it seems to be related to the security settings and/or security zones in IE8 possible related to ActiveX or other plug ins.


They should all have the installer service running so it shouldn't be a permissions issue

I'm checking with the broswer team to see if they've made any recent changes to the security settings in IE but was wondering if anyne else has started seeing issues recently? Or knows of any recent Microsoft "fixes" that could be causing the issue.



Running version 6.5R4.1

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Re: Problems launching/running VPN components in IE8

I just starting having similar reports, but we are running 7.1 R6. Our issue looks to be with either the ActiveX or Host Checker. If I manually copy the contents of the Juniper Networks folder from another users profile who can connect to a user who cannot connect, I am then get in fine.


I tried installing Host Checker manually, but the issue still occured so I think it is with the ActiveX piece. I just cannot pinpoint a root cause. 

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Re: Problems launching/running VPN components in IE8

If you reset IE settings, does it work?
If users ever denied a setup portion, that would prevent access.