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Secure Virtual Workspace and Outlook

Hi All,


      Im  having an issue running SVW and Outlook.  In my custom apps setting i have the default of * which should allow all applications to run.  When I launch a connection to the SSL VPN the SVW runs and is applied but when i try to launch outlook i get a bunch of access denied to specific files errors?  Does anyone know what the rules must be to allow use of Outlook 2003 when inside the Secure Virtual Workspace?



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Re: Secure Virtual Workspace and Outlook

Hi there Magraw, I am not sure what version of IVE software you are running, but I am willing to bet the errors were related to writing to the HKLM section of the local registry?  I have seen similar issues before, which were resolved by connecting using the MAPI protocol.  I am having to make a lot of assumptions here in respect to your network.  Can you shed some light on your exhange setup, the text of the error messages and the IVE software version?  I am sure we can get to the bottom of this, many thanks, 


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Re: Secure Virtual Workspace and Outlook

I had like situation quite often. But one day I decided to solve unpleasant situation and used the Google. Fortunately I found out there - repair pst. I was lucky and the utility resolved my old issues effortlessly, moreover in this situation it perhaps will help.