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Statistics Gathering (for metrics not in MIB)

What application are IVE administrators using to gather stats not provided by the MIB?

For example, we would like to gather stats on number of Host Checker fails/passes per Realm.

We're currently running scripts to parse the logs.  There must be a better way.


The NWG Clearview Reporter product for the IVE is not in our budget.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Statistics Gathering (for metrics not in MIB)

I have been using the Juniper STRM appliance to do most of our log running from the SA and it has been amazing.  If is defiantly worth it to check that out.  If you want to try out a core features of STRM (but not near ready for enterprise, as there is no support and features are way behind the production release) I would check out Q1 labs QRadar Log Manager FE.  I use it as a lab logging engine but you can build and parse your logs pretty well with it.