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VPN Port Forwarding 500 in conflict with Netscreen?

Hello everyone,


I have behind the netscreen an Apple VPN Server and for that I need to forward the port 500 and some other ports.


I have configured the policy and when I do on the interface the VIP configuration it tells me that:

"Not supported service: (ip: *untrust IP here*/port:500) is for management of the box"


Now I think, that somehow VPN is active on the netscreen itself and therefore using this port. Any chance that I can turn it off and where please? I couldn't find it. 


Or am I totally wrong?


For any hints I would be happy.

Kind regards.


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Re: VPN Port Forwarding 500 in conflict with Netscreen?

Yes, port 500 is used by the box. I don't recall that there is any way to turn it off. Are you setting up a VIP for this? You can use port 500 on the inside  and use some other port on the outside - so set your virtual port to something like 501 - have users connect to that and then map to a defined service on port 500.


Also - you should post firewall questions in the firewall forum for faster response.

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Re: VPN Port Forwarding 500 in conflict with Netscreen?

Thank you for your response.


Sadly I can't reconfigure the ports of my laptop for the vpn connection as I can't for my iPhone.


Sorry about posting this in the ssl vpn section, thought that this would be the best idea. I will try in the FW section then as well.