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active/active how disruptive for end users?

Looking at setting up a couple of SAs in A/A. I understand that any address pools need to be split between the 2 devices and static routed to each.  So if an active box goes down any users connected aren't going to auto-connect to the other box, correct?

What about users that are using just the SSL VPN or SAM will they see a disruption in service?


Any other gotchas or issues with an A/A?



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Re: active/active how disruptive for end users?

There is no automatic failover of users in an active/active cluster.  Any failover or load-balancing must be done by an external load balancer.


Assuming this exists, I would expect SAM or rewriting apps to work without interruption.  However, NC will not failover because of a change in address pools.