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how knows if is windows or mac in SA juniper

I want to have a role for Windows PC, and other role for MAC computers.


How can SA detect it ?




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Re: how knows if is windows or mac in SA juniper

There is not built in function within the SA box that will query and return an Operating System value and then let you take actions based on it.


You can use the host check feature in any number of ways to take actions based on an operating system. If you search this forum for "host check mac" for example you will see a lot of threads on it.


You use the features of host check to determine whether or not to let a network object go forward. So you could search for a Windows registry setting or a particular version of Windows (using the host check "Predefined OS Checks") if it fails it does not mean that it is a MAC or is not a Windows PC, it simply means that it did not pass the host check criteria you specified.


The host check tabs "Windows, MAC, ....." simply show you the types of things that can be checked on those platforms - not that the SA box will check the OS platform and then perform that function.


Does that make sense? I hope so.

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Re: how knows if is windows or mac in SA juniper

In addition to Host Checker you can use the user-agent string restriction on the role (Users>User Roles>roleName>General>Restrictions>Browser) or in the role mapping rule to use custom expressions and check on the user-agent here.