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EX 3200 vs EX 4200?

Hello, room.


I need a pair of EX to server as core switch to build a HAN (multi-line drops).

The EX needs to support VRRP.


The 3200 and 4200 seem to be right for this job (VRRP)


4200 is more expensive.


I want to go with EX 3200.


Please advise.


Thanks alot.

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Re: EX 3200 vs EX 4200?



I would recommend reviewing the data sheets.  In my opinion, the most significant difference is the 4200 support Virtual Chassis.  If VC is not important now or in the future, the 3200's should do just fine.  Good luck.

John Judge

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Re: EX 3200 vs EX 4200?

also the EX4200 supports full line rate on all ports, whereas the 3200 does not. (from memory).

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Re: EX 3200 vs EX 4200?

With the 2 4200's in Virtual chassis (VC), you won't need VRRP.  


Also, the failover for a VC is much faster than VRRP (Higher Availability)

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