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Ethernet IQ2 PIC queues problem



i've installed a new 10GE PIC ( PC-1XE-TYPE3-XFP-IQ2) on M320 FPC (M320-FPC3-E3).

and i'm using class of service on this interface, with a schedular-map of 4 schedulers, 2 of them with priority: high, and the other 2 with priority: low


when checking the config. (by commit check), i recieved this error:

More than one scheduler is configured as "strict-high" or "high" or "medium-high" in SCHEDULER_MAP for xe-2/0/0. Ifd xe-2/0/0 supports only one scheduler with "strict-high" or "high" or "medium-high".
error: configuration check-out failed


So Is this a hardware limitation and can't be changed? or i can modfiy something in the interface config. to make it accept this CoS mapping?


Also Is increasing the number of egress queues of this interface (from 4 to 8) can solve this issue?


Thanks in advance.




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Re: Ethernet IQ2 PIC queues problem


This is HW limitation and it is well documented. It was first documented when IQ2 PICs were released


Note: Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PICs support only one queue in the scheduler map with high or strict-high priority

 You need IQE PIC to support >1 high/strict-high queue





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Re: Ethernet IQ2 PIC queues problem

Thanks Alex for your fast response !