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How to restrict Juniper router to send IPv6 GUA as BGP next-hop only

On 10.4 JunOS release, i have noticed that Juniper is sending both Global IPv6 address & Link Local address as the Next-hop for eBGP neighbors.


Jun  5 16:59:57.097715 BGP RECV 2001:4567::1+62868 -> 2001:4567::2+179
Jun  5 16:59:57.097780 BGP RECV message type 2 (Update) length 94
Jun  5 16:59:57.097800 BGP RECV Update PDU length 94
Jun  5 16:59:57.097821 BGP RECV flags 0x40 code Origin(1): IGP
Jun  5 16:59:57.097844 BGP RECV flags 0x40 code ASPath(2) length 6: 200
Jun  5 16:59:57.097864 BGP RECV flags 0x90 code MP_reach(14): AFI/SAFI 2/1
Jun  5 16:59:57.097893 BGP RECV         nhop 2001:4567::1 len 16, fe80::5e5e:abff:fe06:de90 len 16  >>>> Next-Hops
Jun  5 16:59:57.097922 BGP RECV         2001:4567:1:1::1/128


Whereas this behavior is not observed in 9.3 JunOS release.


I tried to look for Release docements, but didnt find such feature set information. Can someone pointout from when this feature set introduced and is there any way to set only GUA as the next-hop?