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Number of scheduler maps on MX

Hi all!


How many scheduler maps does MX support?


To clarify the question:


A scheduler map is essentially a mapping of forwarding classes to schedulers (essentially queues).

Naturally, the maximum number of scheduler maps is limited by:

  • the number of forwarding classes supported (which depends on the exact hardware in use);
  • the number of queues supported (which, too, depends on the hardware).

But are there any other limits?
Are they documented anywhere?

Didn't manage to find the answer on or anywhere else.

E.g., for EX Series, there is a table listing the number of supported scheduler maps for different types of line cards:

Is there an analog of this table for MX Series?

I have to admit that I'm posting this question mostly out of curiosity.
However, the answer might end up being useful to people who are going to configure some massive amounts of scheduler maps.. Smiley Happy


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Re: Number of scheduler maps on MX

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Re: Number of scheduler maps on MX

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rtilak wrote:

This link may help.

Indeed, lots of interesting info about CoS functionality of the MX hardware.

However, I still cannot find information about the limits on the number of scheduler-maps.
But maybe it's just because there aren't any limits?
(except those determined by the number of forwarding classes and queues available.)

My concern is that one could imagine the scheduler-maps being represented by some hardware entities allocated from a global table of a limited size.
Okay - if this is true, one can always learn about it the hard way... Smiley Very Happy