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OSPF routing policy


I'm trying to define an import routing policy, in OSPF. This policy must set a metric on tagged received routes.

policy-statement TEST {
 from {
 protocol ospf;
 tag 300;
then  {
 metric 200;


So, I would like to adjust the metrics only for the local router. I thought the "import" keyword affects routes when they are inserted from OSPF table to routing table.

Note that my routes are "external" (they come from a redistribution on the other router), and that I work inside a 'virtual-router' routing instance.


Then, I call this policy in import, inside my ospf configuration.

But the metric doesn't change in my routing table. However, I still see the tag. Any idea? Maybe an upgrade?

(I run JunOS 9.5R3.7 on J6350).


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Re: OSPF routing policy

Hi there,

I wonder if you reset your OSPF adjacency after configuring import policy?




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Re: OSPF routing policy



Yes, I've restarted the routing process.