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RPM icmp-probes - slow response

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I have configured RPM to monitor a few IP addresses with a simple icmp-probe.

however the response times reported by RPM are very different to the times i get when doing a ping from the same switch.


For example, i have this config:


show configuration services rpm 
   test ping5 {
        probe-type icmp-ping;
        target address;
        test-interval 2;

show services rpm probe-results
Measurement: Round trip time
        Samples: 2103, Minimum: 834 usec, Maximum: 28260 usec, Average: 2822 usec


So its saying the average is 2822 usec, which is very slow....


But doing a normal ping from the same switch i get normal ping times... ping statistics ---
63 packets transmitted, 63 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 1.151/3.283/8.160/1.987 ms


Any thoughts?  usec is the same as ms right?



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Re: RPM icmp-probes - slow response

usec is microseconds.
2822 usec = 2.822 ms

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Re: RPM icmp-probes - slow response


usec should be microseconds, where as ms is miliseconds. 1000us = 1ms; So your values are right.

Jozef Klacko