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ip multicast helper-map

Hello? All Juniper users and experts.

I am Jeff and a Johnny-come-lately as you see my nickname.


As a title in my question,[ip multicast helper-map broadcast] command used in Cisco.

I understood that it allows IP multicast routing in a multicast-capable internetwork between two broadcast-only internetworks.


Is there any similar command line in Juniper's router?


Thank you for your help


Best Regards


Jeff LEE

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Re: ip multicast helper-map

No such command in JUNOS, I am afraid.

May I ask what You are actually trying to achieve? If the task is to pass broadcasts between 2 Ethernet segments separated by routed network, You could do this by using CCC/l2circuit.

CCC/l2circuit will pass broadcasts on Ethernet/L2 level meaning both subnet IP broadcasts (like and "all-1" IP broadscasts ( will pass. AFAIK, Cisco is not capable of passing both simultaneously, either one or another, so consider it as added benefit of CCC/L2circuit :-)


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