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ospf area0 - i need advertise one prefix only to one router



I have few routers SRX240h  in area 0, all is working correct but now I need advertise only one prefix to only one router. I don't want that other router can see this special prefix. How can i achieve this ?



thanks for help








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Re: ospf area0 - I need advertise one prefix only to one router



I don't think you could prevent OSPF to reach to router neighbors in same area.


However you could reject the update from the received neighbors so you can prevent this prefix from the other end side.


OSPF support import-policy for external routes so let's say you have total 3 routers in area 0 and you redistribute one prefix into OSPF to be advertised in your network at R1. In R3 you could configure import-policy to reject this update so it will solve your problem and R2 only will receive this prefix via OSPF



Mohamed Elhariry

Mohamed Elhariry
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