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show ospf3 route entry

can anyone tell me what this entry in a show ospf3 route means:                              Intra  Router      IP   1
  NH-interface so-0/2/0.0
  NH-interface so-1/2/2.0;                      Intra  Transit     IP   2
  NH-interface so-0/2/0.0
  NH-interface so-1/2/2.0

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Re: show ospf3 route entry

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OSPFv3, All the stub routes are now carried as prefixes in the intra-area-prefix LSAs. The intra-area-prefix LSA associates itself to a node (or pseudonode) in the link-state topology by referencing a router LSA (or network LSA) in its body.;              destination of the route


Intra                                             path type: how the route was learned


Transit                                        route type: transit (OSPFv3 only) route to a pseudonode representing a transit network,lan,or nbma link.


IP                                                  next hop type, it can be IP or LSP


2                                                   metric value


Both Intra and Inter-Area routes are also called OSPF Internal routes, as they are generated by OSPF itself, when an interface is listed under the protcol ospf :smileyhappy:


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