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2 interfaces on same subnet

Is there a way on the SRX to combine physical ports and have them on the same subnet so that traffic could pass through both interfaces? for instance, if I have a vmserver sitting on the network, and it has 2 physical NICs. Each physical NIC has multiple ip's bound to it, though all are on the network.  I'd like to give the VM server itself a physical NIC and split the guest OS's to share the other NIC. I'd like to be able to create a static NAT for both the primary IP of the NIC 1 on the VM host, as well as a few static NATs for the NIC2 guest OSs. Can I combine 2 physical interfaces on the SRX to work this way, like put them into the same zone and create some type of bridge group? And would the SRX actually be able to send traffic off one port versus another based on it's arp table? Can I just configure the single IP default gateway and apply it to the new interface pair, or would both interfaces still need an ip, as the VM host and its guest OSs would only need a single gateway.

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Re: 2 interfaces on same subnet