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AX411 loading question


Are there guidlines to follow when planning out a wireless network infrastructure using the SRX devices and the AX411 AP's? 

Number of users, number of networks (SSID's), how heavy the usage will be, ect.? 

Are their any concerns with the controller itself?  Would an SRX240 have the ability to support more traffic than an SRX 210b? 

Is there documentation that covers this stuff? 


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Re: AX411 loading question

As far as the platform goes, you can get a license for 8 APs so I could see the 240 being a better option since the 210 has only two tri-speed ports.  I run a 210 with fours APs and wish I put them on a 240 with poe instead.  Home runs are a must since with VAPs you have to setup a trunk and use the native vlan to register the AP with the SRX, I had luck extending a layer two segment from a switch to get POE on the APs, but not the trunk.  Home Run preferred.


Overall I have no complaints with the proper firmware version, they hand off good although I have yet to do so with wireless voice simply due to lack of time, but Im sure it's OK?  Smiley Surprised)


Nice l3 separation of SSIDs


I don't speak radio stats, sorry.  Smiley Surprised)