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Access Error: 503 "Service Unavailable" errors SRX WEB UI



I'm experiencing many errors when using the SRX Gateway WEB UI - Access Error: 503 "Service Unavailable" - which is making the appliance inoperable to managing/monitor via a browser. The web managment service is certainly running and the htttpd.log does not show any indication as to why the display is failing. I'm also seeing massive CPU utilisation on the the device as per the posting below and although this is reported to be a bug there is not yet a published KB article to discuss the solution;


This WEB UI interface is very useful verifying changes before commital and would be grateful to hear from anyone experiencing similar issues / solutions.



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Re: Access Error: 503 "Service Unavailable" errors SRX WEB UI

Rock and a hard place. If you can live without the static NAT features in the UI, move to 10.0r4 from your 10.0r1 and see how it behaves for you. The first SRX stability release was 10.0r3. I wouldn't expect anything before that to behave well.


If you need the static NAT, improved performance of the UI and all the other improvements to the UI that came with 10.2, then that would mean 10.2r2 - just that I've seen odd "policy re-ordering" issues in the field. You may want to wait until that shakes out.


At this point in time, the safe bet is likely to move to 10.0r4, wait to see whether the policy UI quirk in 10.2 is real, and if so, when it is going to be fixed, and then move to a version of 10.2.


Once that's all done and dusted, make a note in your calendar to check again late November / early December to see how 10.4 is faring. That may be the next go-to release after 10.2.


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Re: Access Error: 503 "Service Unavailable" errors SRX WEB UI

Could you elaborate more on the "policy re-ordering" issue in UI.

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Re: Access Error: 503 "Service Unavailable" errors SRX WEB UI

Pls use the 10.2R3 image, this issue got fixed Smiley Happy




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