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COM1 Solution in Network SRX

Dear All

is it possible to connect tow or tree PC to Server Or PC  via port console Com1 to manage SRX 210 exemple

i have 3 PC; 1 SRX 210 , PC or Server

my SRX is connected via Com1 to my laptop and i would like that my 3 PC can connect to SRX via Port Console trough my PC or Server 


|==========| COM1 Connection                                              LAN                   PC2
| SRX              | =================== Server or ,PC =============== PC1
|==========|                                                                                                           PC3

is it possible to do that ??? if yes, how ?

thanks for your Help

Best Regard

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Re: COM1 Solution in Network SRX

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Yes you can do it, google for "terminal server" or "console server".

With some console servers, you can even simultaneously connect all 3 PCs to the same console port on SRX



Simultaneous access on the same port (listen mode)






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Re: COM1 Solution in Network SRX

or you can take a look at