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COM1 Solution in Network SRX

Dear All

is it possible to connect tow or tree PC to Server Or PC  via port console Com1 to manage SRX 210 exemple

i have 3 PC; 1 SRX 210 , PC or Server

my SRX is connected via Com1 to my laptop and i would like that my 3 PC can connect to SRX via Port Console trough my PC or Server 


|==========| COM1 Connection                                              LAN                   PC2
| SRX              | =================== Server or ,PC =============== PC1
|==========|                                                                                                           PC3

is it possible to do that ??? if yes, how ?

thanks for your Help

Best Regard

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Re: COM1 Solution in Network SRX

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Yes you can do it, google for "terminal server" or "console server".

With some console servers, you can even simultaneously connect all 3 PCs to the same console port on SRX



Simultaneous access on the same port (listen mode)







Please ask Your Juniper account team about Juniper Professional Services offerings.
Juniper PS can design, test & build the network/part of the network as per Your requirements


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Re: COM1 Solution in Network SRX

or you can take a look at