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Commit Confirmed on Clusters

One of the JunOS features we really appreciate (especially on remote devices) is commit confirmed.  But when we cluster a pair of SRXs it is not supported.  Are there any plans to incorporate this functionality into clustered environments?

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Re: Commit Confirmed on Clusters

Hi Rdineen,


So this is a known limitation for us, and it has to do with wanting to ensure that there aren't simultaneous changes to the configuration on both nodes.  If you're in a bind and need commit confirmed, ensure that nobody is editing the other device's configuration, and enter configuration mode with "configure exclusive"


You can then issue commit confirmed in cluster mode.  I definitely agree with you, this is one of my favorite features.  I believe there are some plans to fix this in the future, so please keep in touch with your SE for a roadmap discussion and he/she should be able to keep you posted on this feature.

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